7 thoughts on “PA 366 – Harry Potter And The Agents Of SHIELD

  1. Just making sure you guys are familiar with Orphan Black. It’s a BBC Canada show. I don’t know if it’s on netflix, but it’s probably available on demand from your tv provider. Maybe Hulu and/or Amazon video too. The less you know about it starting out, the more you’ll enjoy it.

    • I *LOVE* Orphan Black. Back when we did “top 5” lists, we did our top 5 actresses and like a week later I watched the entire first season of Orphan Black, and regretted that I couldn’t have put Tatiana Maslany on the list, perhaps at #1.

      It’s on Amazon streaming, and is free for Prime members.

  2. Yeah, what Doug said. Also, I think they’ve discussed it in the past.

    ALSO: HEY WESSLES, the sword wasn’t hidden there by Dumbledorf, it was put there by SNAPE, who found out where they were from that picture dude. Read the book.

    • I read the book. Listen to the episode.

      I forget minor plot points all the time, especially when they’re so minor they don’t bother putting them in the movie and leave odd things totally unexplained. It’s a weakness of mine.

    • I’m fairly sure 3 is the current season, as in there are no episodes of 4 out anywhere. Or, it JUST started in the past month. When I looked it up on a wiki somewhere, it only listed seasons 1-3 as having been released.

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