3 thoughts on “PA 013 – Doctor Whom

  1. If the spoiler is what I think it is, then I’d already been spoiled before I saw it. Still, the interplay between the doctor and Santa was genius, as was the elves.

    ” How do you fit all those toys into the sleigh?”
    “It’s bigger on the inside”

    This Doctor does feel more like a traditional Doctor then the last 3 had, less angry young man.

  2. I also liked when people were talking about all the preposterous things that were happening (The Doctor brought up the fact that Santa Claus was there) and someone else (Was it Santa? I don’t remember) mentioned a guy traveling through time and space in a blue box.

    I can’t know if you and I are thinking of what spoiler, and it’s very hard to discuss it without actually spoiling it, but it’s a meta-spoiler, about something that they (as in the producers of the show) had very much implied would happen outside the show (like, in the press) that then either did or did not happen (hey let’s keep it unspoiled and confusing shall we?).

  3. Yes, that’s just what it was, the press ‘buzz’ was that something was or wasn’t going to happen, and how it was or wasn’t going to happen was going to happen on the xmas show. But then those bastards in the press spoiled that, so I already knew it was or wasn’t going to happen before I saw the episode. Also, it was santa that talked about how ridiculous the magic box guy was. I also liked the whole ‘no one likes the tangerines’, or whatever.

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