8 thoughts on “PA 005 – Futurama Disney Tokyo

  1. Sorry all you commenters (Crazy Nutso, actually :)) but I had to ditch the old site 🙁

    Your comments are lost but new ones will be preserved forever* here!

    *comments will not be preserved forever

  2. The nice thing about having Futurama on disk is all the commentary tracks. The cast does some awesome behind the scenes stuff.

    “We got everybody but Scotty!”

  3. Your pod feed appears to be disrupted. I used to download episodes to my phone via podcruncher, but the feed isn’t pointing to the new site’s XML episode list.

    Looked for a new feed like “pulp audio” but couldn’t find one.

    • @TMS Hmm. The same feed should work (it does for me on my podcatcher, though it did download the first 5 episodes again when I made the big switchover).

      What address is your feed? You should be using http://planetretcon.com/podcast/paw.xml which gets redirected to another feed. Don’t use that other feed, it could change. http://planetretcon.com/podcast/paw.xml will ALWAYS point to the right feed, forever.

      EDIT: I added a handy link to the feed on the left side of the page. Shoulda done that as one of the first things but I’ve been a bit busy this week what with all the destroying all websites I’ve ever made and whatnot.

  4. I don’t think I have any reasonable way to control that. I don’t have iTunes. I *think* that feed is actually associated with my account but someone set it up for me years ago, possibly with the wrong feed.

    I can’t see what the feed they’re using is. I suspect it’s the old wordpress link, though I don’t know and can’t test it. Incidentally, all this trouble with iTunes is why I don’t have it, use it, like it, or recommend it to anybody else. It’s like 64 bit KSP for Windows. People seem to like it but it gives podcasters no end of troubles. 😀

    iTunes on your computer or phone or whatever SHOULD have a way to subscribe directly to a link instead of an iTunes page. I would suggest resubscribing to that link. Because it’s on my personal site I can guarantee it will always work no matter what behind-the-scenes shenanigans take place. I can make no similar promise with iTunes.

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